Friday, January 8, 2010

Juny is so proud of her Uncle Branndon! Savannah and I have the best time dressing her up.

Jason Me Ky Nick and Hunter on a cat hunt. I love my family!!

Kyky at the tree. There was a baby Mt. Lion in the dang thing! My Ky is fearless!

My hunny while in CA bear hunting with Laurn and Spur. Laurn made Hunters FAVORITE summer sausage HAHAHA

Juny and her Auntie Tammara

Mother freakin' dogs!! Try 19 hours in the backseat with 2 doggies that "love and need to cuddle" with you the entire roadtrip!
My little man!

I laughed my BOOTY off when I saw this shirt!

Savannah and I hit the wax :) No more mustaches or crazy eyebrows

Mouth breather!!

Branndon was "afro riggin" his helmet with a mohawk

Oma and Papa with my little Juny

Juny found her voice and tongue with Oma, Hahah sooooo funny

Helmet wars... pre Mohawks

Brandonious me and June always have a good time

The baby of the family Ulba

Sambo and I... lovin and missing the summers

HAHAHA babies and Mohawks are too much fun!

Britnie and I Halloween. Her hot action Cop was killer!